Findings in Photography

“Light and subject,
several shades from colour to black and white:
experiences of sensibility and regard”

First of all, if I go through my memories, I have the impression of having always loved pictures and in fact, “photography”. She has finally prevailed and I have accepted her power.

To scrutinize into a subject or else to keep it afar: to change sizes and bases. A mirror full of memories. A sort of slight acuteness that points at some truth.

Hold in abeyance and short-lived, she restrains and throws every single feeling that encompasses restlessness towards time.
Photgraphy had in this sense, everything to thrill me.
By keeping my interest on this art and its findings. I have had the chance to meet artist and understand even more what leads them to create such exciting pictures.

This space is dedicated to the works and the artists whose creative independence and boundless imagination I am glad to share.